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Mathematical control leads to predictable, positive outcomes

About Intelligent Vanguard Technology

Invantest’s technology gives its customers the competitive advantage to prosper while others fail. Our technology delivers manufacturing gains that are both measurable and sustainable. Verify the actual gains for your own products by contacting Invantest for a production trial on your test equipment. We serve as dependable technology partners for success.

The Invantest Way

Invantest is creating a paradigm shift in manufacturing that can be applied to all business endeavors. Our solutions replace the sloppiness and waste in manufacturing with precise mathematical control of the manufacturing process and with analytics to monitor and manage improvements over time. From precise control arises certainty and the ability to accurately predict the outcome from improvement efforts.

The Big Idea

Invantest is motivated by a big idea that is best expressed by renowned mathematical physicist Roger Penrose in his book The Road to Reality:

“Everything in the physical universe is governed in precise detail by mathematical principles. If this is right, then even our own physical world actions would be entirely subject to mathematical control, where ‘control’ might still allow for some random behavior governed by strict probabilistic principles.”

Perhaps, it will be possible in the future to mathematically model and accurately predict the outcome of a business plan or of a business negotiation. But the capability to predict and then realize a 10% improvement in product yield, a 20% improvement in overall equipment efficiency, or a 10% gain in gross margins is coming soon from Invantest. And the capability to predict and maximize the gains from retest reduction and then realize them using Invantest technology is available now.

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