Virtual Test Floor (VirtualFloor)

Brings a virtual representation of test floors to authorized employees anywhere in the world. Users can view current and historical activity at any test cell: equipment state, yields, equipment usage & efficiency, and much more.

Invantest's VirtualFloor is a digital reflection of a physical test floor located anywhere in the world. It is available to authorized users on their favorite work tool: desktop computer, laptop computer, or touch screen tablet computer. From the comfort of their home or office, users can visit all the test floors where their devices are being tested. VirtualFloor is included in Invantest's Production DashBoard.


Tightly Coupled to Cell Controllers

Test cells with Invantest cell controllers (also known as station controllers) automatically register themselves into VirtualFloor. Moving a cursor over a virtual test cell or touching it will reveal the critical cell parameters shown in the graphic on this page. Cell information is updated at regular time intervals chosen by each customer.

Selecting a test cell on VirtualFloor activates a drill-down to other analysis apps that reveal the sources of production problems or reveal opportunities for improvement or provide historical information.

View Production Results, Equipment Utilization and Overall Equipment Efficiency

Virtual Test Floor provides multiple views of the test floor:

  • view the overall utilization of all test cells
  • view the overall efficiency of all test cells

Additional views are in development in 2012.

Virtual Test Floors Mirror Physical Test Floors

Virtual Test Floor reproduces the physical layout of a test floor and identifies entrances and other physical structures on the floor. Consequently, it is commonly used to find a test cell hidden within a large test floor. For large test floors, VirtualFloor includes a zoom feature to make the experience intimate as if walking down a row of test cells on a remote test floor.

Usage is Intuitive; No Training Required

Like all Production Dashboard applications, use of VirtualFloor is intuitive and requires no training. Invantest is in the business of simplifying your work to make it easy for you to get your job done quickly, correctly, and efficiently.