Integrator Monitor (IG.Mon)

Essential cell controller with core features of IG.WT and IG.FT for both wafer sort and final test.

Essential cell controller for both wafer sort and final test
IG.Mon brings the proven benefits of automatic, intelligent systems to the testing of semiconductor wafers and packaged parts. It is required technology for realizing the promise of lean manufacturing to maximize and sustain production gains, avoid quality escapes, and satisfy end customers. IG.Mon includes the essential capabilities from both Integrator WaferTest and Integrator FinalTest.

Closed Loop Process Control at All Times

At every test cell, IG.Mon continuously monitors all critical aspects of production to keep production within predefined control boundaries at all times. It detects exceptions as they occur and displays a pre-defined Out-of-Control Action Plan (OCAP) for immediate corrective action. With IG.Mon, manufacturing processes are prevented from running out of control.

Automatic Start and End Lot Operations

Any manual step at start or end of lot is wasted time and an opportunity for errors and mistakes. IG.Mon supports a fully automatic start of lot operation: just scan the lot ID and IG.Mon auto fetches the required lot data from the production MES database, auto loads the correct test program, and validates lot parameters before start of test.

IG.Mon can also automate the end of lot process and automatically insert test data into a customer's production database. It includes a comprehensive Applications Programming Interface so that it can be seamlessly integrated with existing production systems.

Process Standardization across All Equipment

The IG.Mon operator interface and final test process is the same across all different types of equipment. Standardizing the test process across all types of equipment eliminates the training, confusion, waste, and operator mistakes from different operating interfaces for different types of equipment.

Invantest Cell Controllers for All Test Cells

Convinced by customers that premier controls are not required for every test cell, Invantest developed IG.Mon to complement its premier cell controllers at a lower price with the essential cell controller capabilities that are required at every test cell. With IG.Mon, the gains from cell controller technology can be multiplied across all test cells.