Invantest for IDMS

In highly profitable markets where product reliability, advanced packaging, and on time delivery are deciding factors, Invantest can provide IDMs with a competitive advantage. Invantest currently offers best-in-industry solutions for multi-pass Known Good Die (KGD). As advanced, multi-die packages increase the cost of rejects at final test, Invantest customers are using Integrator WaferTest (IG.WT) to maintain the integrity and reliability of die from wafer sort. To justify doing test in-house, Invantest's current IDM customers tightly integrate Invantest technology within their advanced proprietary manufacturing infrastructure to boost operational excellence for use as a strategic weapon.

Operational Excellence as a Strategic Weapon


Invantest is committed to lean manufacturing principles, but lean training is not required since it is built into Invantest's real-time systems.

Invantest cell controllers first provide the process stability that is a prerequisite for sustaining lean improvements in manufacturing. At the same time, Invantest systems bring lean solutions to test floors by automatimg manual processes, standardizing and encoding best practices, triggering correction of problems as they occur, identifying and eliminating waste in production processes, and unifying all elements of production into a coherent whole. With Invantest systems, customers acquire lean manufacturing by default.


Known Good Die Solutions

Integrator WaferTest (IG.WT) cell controllers include best-in-industry controls for Known Good Die (KGD) solutions. Information from previous manufacturing stages (wafer bump or wafer inspection) is automatically fed forward into IG.WT to remove rejects or vulnerabilities at the start of the wafer sort process. Based on predefined rules and quality criteria, IG.WT automatically sequences through multiple test passes for isolating, investigating, and removing passing die with outliers and other risks to guarantee the integrity of every die. Invantest works closely with its customers to customize and tune IG.WT controls to satisfy the most demanding KGD requirements.

Doing More at Wafer Sort

To stay ahead of competition, Invantest IDM customers often require innovative and expensive packaging solutions that become costly rejects at final test. The vast suite of controls and solutions available in Integrator WaferTest enable Invantest customers to maximize the quality of testing at wafer sort to minimize the risk of costly rejects at final test and beyond. As device performance and quality become the deciding factors to win new business, IDMs are choosing Invantest technology to deliver the competitive advantage.

A Reliable Engineering Partner for Winning New Business

Invantest has a long history of working with its customers in a technology partnership to innovate production methods to satisfy the most demanding and imaginative requirements. Invantest assists its IDM customers to win the highly profitable business opportunities in emerging or accelerating markets. The heart and soul of Invantest is engineering with a passion for developing simple and elegant solutions for persistent and costly production problems.

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