Production DashBoard

Invantest production apps are interlinked and available from within an easy-to-use web dashboard. Provides essential, decision-ready information for engineers and manufacturing support staff wherever it is required.

All Invantest production web applications are available in a customizable and easy-to-use Production DashBoard. Like the dashboard in a car or an airplane, the Invantest DashBoard is connected to real-time, intelligent systems that are updating the information in near real time. The refresh rate is customizable for network tuning.


Catch Problems as They Happen

A check engine light is of little use if it identifies a problem a few hours or a few days after the damage has already occurred. Likewise, production information is of little use if it highlights production problems long after they occurred. To detect and identify problems as they happen, the DashBoard does not rely on tester generated STDF test data or lot summary data. Instead Invantest cell controllers (also known as station controllers) stream vital information from the test cell to DashBoard screens on computer monitors, laptop displays, or tablet displays wherever that information is required.

Decision-Ready Information For Authorized Users Only

As an intelligent system, the DashBoard performs analysis automatically and prepares the information for immediate corrective action. This decision-ready information is available to authorized and authenticated users only. DashBoard applications are inter-linked so that an authorized engineer or manufacturing specialist requiring more information can simply click on a drill-down icon to open another production application that provides deeper analysis.

Usage is Intuitive; No Training Required

Use of the DashBoard is intuitive and requires no training. Explanatory information is built into DashBoard interfaces so that no training or user manual is required. Working closely with our customers since 1994, we appreciate that our customers have little extra time to read user manuals and do not want to be slowed down by complicated and confusing applications.