Wafer Analyzer (WA)

Analyze wafer test data and results maps from Invantest INF files or analyze wafer test data from STDF files. Includes die attributes and displays results maps from every test pass across the wafer.

Wafer Analyzer automatically extracts test data from Invantest INF (Integrator Nested Format) files that are generated at end of lot by Integrator WaferTest cell controllers. This data is inserted into a production database for analysis by the Wafer Analyzer application that is included in Invantest's Production DashBoard.

More Comprehensive Analysis

As master controller for a test cell, Integrator WaferTest collects detailed information about every action performed during every test pass and subpass including die attributes, probe touchdown count, probe cleaning events, adaptive test results, and much more. In contrast, a tester is only able to collect a subset of this information in its STDF files that serve as data files for analysis applications offered by other vendors. As a consequence, Wafer Analyzer provides vital information in its easy-to-use graphical interfaces that is not available in other analysis products. Wafer Analyzer can also be used to analyze test data from STDF files that were manually inserted into a production or engineering database using Invantest's engineering tools: Lot Analyzer and Retest Analyzer.

Results Map Viewer

Wafer Analyzer provides an interactive, graphical view of each results map generated from each test pass and subpass. This capability is particularly useful for more advanced wafer test flows that include many different test passes and subpasses. Wafer Analyzer makes it easy to step through each pass, view the detailed results from each pass, and view the final binning results (composite view) from all the passes. Any anomalies within a multi-pass test flow are apparent and obvious.

See the Advantages

The best way to appreciate the advantages of wafer analysis of information from a cell controller is to take this application for a test drive. Contact us to arrange for a demonstration or a production trial.