Floor Monitor (FloorMon)

Monitor and compare equipment performance remotely in near real-time with 10 second updates of UPH, bin yields, site-to-site yields, and other critical test parameters. Fix problems as they occur in production.

Invantest cell controllers at each test cell automatically collect and stream vital production information to FloorMon where it can be monitored by any authorized user. FloorMon is included in Invantest's Production Dashboard.


Near Real-Time Monitoring of All Test Cells

On the production floor, Invantest cell controllers (also known as station controllers) are "aware" of all cell activity and test results at all times. They communicate this information to FloorMon in near real-time providing users with a floor-wide view of semiconductor testing at wafer sort and final test cells. FloorMon's update interval is customizable so that customers can balance near real-time updates with network loading. A typical update interval is every 10 seconds.

Comparing Device Testing at Multiple Test Cells

FloorMon is ideal for monitoring high-volume devices tested at many test cells in parallel. A user can filter a test floor to reveal only the test cells running a specific device. The performance of these test cells can then be compared in a table or chart for selected test parameters. Like all Invantest dashboard applications, FloorMon includes a Snapshot tool for capturing the image in a PDF or graphics file that can be emailed as an attachment or included in a work sheet or presentation.

Production Warnings and Alarms

FloorMon includes a built-in alarm system for catching exceptions to normal production. FloorMon alarms are personal alarms for each user and are independent from cell controller production monitors. FloorMon lets a product engineer tune the performance of a production alarm on his or her laptop before applying it to a Navigator monitor to keep production in control at all times. A FloorMon user can also have alarm notices automatically sent to him or her via email or anyone else in their FloorMon distribution list.