Integrator WaferTest (igWT)

Premier cell controller for direct control of both tester and prober required for advanced manufacturing solutions and QA controls at wafer sort

Premier cell controller for wafer sort
The use of a cell controller (also known as a station controller) to automate and optimize wafer sort operations began with igWT in 1994. Since then, igWT has evolved to satisfy the requests and requirements of its expanding customer base. After many years of production use and continuous improvements, it continues to extend its lead in cell controller technology for semiconductor wafer sort.

With millions of dollars spent on expensive wafer sort equipment, the cost of semiconductor testing becomes a significant barrier to profitability. igWT offers a comprehensive suite of production solutions to minimize the cost of test at wafer sort while preventing quality exceptions.


Automatic Solutions for Immediate Benefits

  • Extensive set of retest solutions for minimizing retest
  • Extensive set of wafer stepping algorithms for increasing throughput
  • Adaptive test solutions to optimize test performance at each lot
  • Sampling and inline QA solutions for product reliability
  • Best practices for Known Good Die with multiple test passes
  • Automatic validation of the electrical integrity of probe contact to maximize yields
  • Online and offline, hard and soft bin quality assurance processes

Real-Time Controls

  • Advanced process controls and Visibility Report to drive Lean Manufacturing methods
  • Control of prober and tester on a die-by-die basis with immediate notification of production problems
  • Notification includes display of Out-of-Control Plan for immediate corrective action
  • Direct prober control to minimize the number of probe touchdowns
  • Limits the total touchdowns per die to avoid damage to pads
  • Multiple test passes and sub-passes
  • Extensive multi-pass process history
  • Avoids testing die discovered to be defective during upstream inspections
  • Retest can be avoided by resuming testing at last die tested after an interruption in production testing
  • Custom applications can be driven by die-level, wafer-level, or lot-level events
  • Manual control of probe stepping and test can be performed from the IG.WT graphical user interface
  • Updates the Navigator floor controller with cell status information for display in the floor controller

Yield Monitoring

  • Overall yield monitor with control chart identifies low yielding wafers in real-time
  • Built-in production monitors report problems as they occur to reduce rework and yield loss
  • Monitors include control limits that define the boundary between normal and abnormal events
  • At out of control events, monitors can be triggered to alarm, stop testing, display an Out-of-Control Action Plan, auto probe clean, or auto retest

Setup Management

  • Auto retrieves setup information from a central repository of setup files
  • Auto downloads setup parameters to the prober and loads the test program
  • Lets the user choose a subset of wafers from the lot for testing
  • Custom data files can be included in the lot setup window
  • Custom data is included in IG.WT data files
  • Probe z-height can be automatically set to reduce the risk of damaging the probe card
  • Probe card planarity is automatically checked to accept or reject probe cards before use
  • Probe card layout can be user defined

Standardization Across Different Equipment

  • Standard IG.WT user interface across all equipment
  • Same production operations across all equipment
  • Same test data files across all equipment
  • Qualified to run on most test and probe equipment

Data Integrity

  • Complete wafer history with results maps are maintained by IG.WT independent of tester
  • No data is lost if tester crashes
  • Production results from are test cells are stored in standard INF and SINF data file format
  • INF and SINF data files include complete wafer result maps from every test pass
  • Wafer result maps can also be exported to SEMI G81/G85 XML or other custom formats

And much more...

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