Integrator DataFlow (igDF)

Forks a real-time data stream from testers with calculation of vital test statistics: Cpk, mean, sigma, … Information flows to data ports connected to any database or application.

igDF connects to a tester's internal datalog stream to create an alternate datastream into Invantest's Integrator Appliance Box (IA Box) at the test cell. igDF processes the datastream in the IA Box and transforms it into a real-time information flow that includes essential test distribution statistics: Cpk, mean, sigma, and other information required by factory, engineering, and business systems and applications. By processing the datastream in a separate IA Box, igDF does not compete with the test processes running in the tester computer to avoid impacting test times.

API For Easy Access to Real-Time Information Flow

igDF includes an Applications Programming Interface (API) to enable any customer application or process to subscribe to the real-time information flow. Customers can selectively subscribe to information elements available in the information flow to avoid overloading systems with non-essential data. igDF communicates with Integrator Final Test and Integrator Wafer Test cell controllers that give it the intelligence to automatically turn on a dataflow when signature tests become unstable and then off again when they become stable again.

Cell Controllers Monitor at the Test Level

Invantest cell controllers continuously monitor hard and soft bins for abnormal yields that require corrective action. With igDF, cell controller monitoring is extended to test distribution parameters. In a Navigator device profile, test monitors can be set to trigger an alarm, stop the tester, and display an Out of Control Action Plan whenever the Cpk or sigma of signature tests exceed a predefined threshold.

Real-Time Main Test Failure (MTF) Report

While igDF is running at a test cell, an operator or engineer can bring up an MTF Report window from the cell controller user interface. The MTF report displays a pareto of test failures that is updated every 10 seconds and includes the vital statistics for every test: yield, Cp, Cpk, mean, sigma, distribution percentiles and median.