Integrator FinalTest (igFT)

Premier cell controller for direct control of both tester and handler required for advanced manufacturing solutions and QA controls at final test.

Premier cell controller for final test

igFT brings the proven benefits of automatic, intelligent systems to final test of packaged semiconductor parts. It is required technology for realizing the promise of lean manufacturing to maximize and sustain production gains, avoid quality escapes, and satisfy end customers. igFT includes automatic solutions that deliver immediate improvements to both gross margins and quality assurance.


Inline Test Solutions for Immediate Gains

Performing retest as a separate manufacturing stage after first pass testing is inefficient and requires handling of tested units to set up retest. An operator mistake during handling can be very costly.

igFT completely eliminates this risk and the inefficiencies in retest by automating the retest of units during first pass. This Invantest-patented technique is called Inline Retest. In addition to Inline Retest, igFT offers a suite of other automatic retest solutions to avoid unnecessary retest so that only recoverable rejects are retested.

igFT also offers inline QA solutions to guarantee that QA units are automatically selected from all regions of a lot. For an extremely efficient final test stage, igFT can combine Inline Retest with inline QA during the first test pass to completely avoid inefficient and risky handling during both retest and QA.

Contact us to arrange for an on-tester trial to measure and confirm the gains on your equipment.

Closed Loop Process Control at All Times

At every test cell, igFT continuously monitors all aspects of production to keep production within predefined control boundaries at all times. igFT detects exceptions as they occur, automatically stops the equipment, and displays a pre-defined Out-of-Control Action Plan (OCAP) for immediate corrective action. With igFT, manufacturing processes are never allowed to run out of control.

Automatic Start and End Lot Operations

Any manual step at start or end of lot is wasted time and an opportunity for errors and mistakes. igFT supports a fully automatic start of lot operation: just scan the lot ID and igFT auto fetches the vital lot data from the production MES database, auto loads the correct test program, and validates equipment settings before commanding the test equipment to start testing.

Since igFT measures and records the actual test and index time of every unit, it accurately displays the projected time for end of lot. As the last unit in a lot is tested, igFT can automatically trigger end lot disposition and independently produce a lot disposition summary that is more comprehensive than the tester's summary.

Process Standardization across All Equipment

The igFT operator interface and final test process is the same across all different types of equipment used for final test. Standardizing the final test process across all types of equipment eliminates the training, confusion, waste, and operator mistakes from different operating interfaces for different types of equipment.