Efficiency Analyzer (EA)

Drive efficiency improvements using Analyzer's Efficiency Losses App,  Root Cause Paretos App, Efficiency Trends App, and Yield & Volume App.

Invantest's Efficiency Analyzer is a suite of applications available in the Production Dashboard for analyzing the efficiency losses at every test cell and identifying the root causes of these losses.

Driving Corrective Actions

All efficiency losses and waste in the production process are automatically tracked by Invantest cell controllers (also known as station controllers), and this data is automatically inserted into the Invantest production database in near real time. EA uses this information to power its suite of graphical analysis apps, such as the Efficiency Losses app shown on this page.

Included in the EA suite is a Search and Filter app to compare losses across different types of equipment, devices, time periods, or other critical factors. Losses can then be isolated to a particular device, test cell, work shift, type of equipment, or other critical factor.


Drill Down to Root Causes

The efficiency bars in the Efficiency Losses app are active. Selecting a bar will bring up a Root Cause Pareto tool to identify the sources of losses for the selected bar. The Root Cause Pareto tool includes drill downs towards the root cause level, where the root cause of the losses is revealed for corrective action and higher Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

Compliant with SEMATECH Industry Standards

OEE metrics computed by EA applications are compliant with SEMATECH industry standards. In addition, EA includes other Invantest efficiency metrics that isolate efficiency losses to the operational domains of different user groups. Invantest recognizes that there is nothing more frustrating than being measured by performance metrics that include factors controlled by other groups.

Customizable Web Applications

Invantest also recognizes that different user groups and even different users have different requirements and preferences. Therefore, each user can determine which efficiency apps are visible on the DashBoard. Using drag and drop, users can rearrange the efficiency apps in a way that is best for each user.

Usage is Intuitive; No Training Required

Like all DashBoard applications, use of EA is intuitive and requires no training. Explanatory information is built into each efficiency app interface so that no user manual is required.